"The therapist is not just an observer of the client's emotional journey or even a disinterested guide, but a fellow traveler, resonating with the client's sadness, anger, and anxiety." (Wylie & Turner, Psychotherapy Networker, April 2011). Is your current experience challenging your ability to live life the way you want? If so, I understand where clients are "coming from" and help them face experiences in a strength-based, non-judgmental, and supportive manner. Together we work towards providing opportunities to incorporate deeper meaning and purpose through the current challenge you face.
I specialize in developing relationships with individuals who are motivated to resolve and learn about themselves through their particular life challenge. Through a collaborative approach, we can forge new ways of looking at life that promotes resolution, wellness, and a heightened sense of well-being.
In addition to being a licensed professional counselor for several years, I have been a personal life and small business coach for nearly 20 years. The combination of psychotherapeutic clinical approaches and coaching techniques provides an eclectic and broad based approach to helping individuals face, and work towards resolution of, their current issues.
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